How do I use My Notes?

Notes are a utility available to all students. Under the DASHBOARD, you will see a link for “My Notes”. In this area you can access notes you have taken in any of the courses you are enrolled in. Some suggestions for “notes” are:

Bookmark a Lesson: Copy quick links for sections of a class you want to jump back to and re-watch or watch at a later time.

Supply Notes: Jot down notes about supplies or materials you want to get, you can even paste urls for the specific products you want to buy.

Color and Design Ideas: Feeling inspired? Scratch down your concept and color ideas right on the course page so you can take action on that inspiration when you are ready to gather your supplies.

Questions & Comments: Have a “?” Use notes to quickly write down your question. If your question is about a particular section of a lesson, make note of the time stamp on the video so you can include that when you post a question to the Class Chat (discussion page)

For more detailed info on My Notes, make sure you are Logged In to see screen shots below.

Find the note pad button within a LESSON

When you click on the note title, this it what you see.
(If you prefer to go back to the lesson where you took the note, click on the Location: subtitle instead of the title)

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