Needle Felt Elephant
– Felting a Lifelike Elephant Friend with Realistic Wrinkles! –

with Irina Hughes

Course Outline

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Getting Started: Info & Resources

Elephant Ears

Elephant Tail Preparation

 Tusk Preparation

Building with Core Wool

Paint and Attach the Tusks

Detail the Elephant Head

Elephant Legs and Feet

Detail the Body

Trunk and Mouth


Wrap Up

Certification of Completion

About this Course

Skills Focus: Needle Felting Realistic Animal, Needle Felting with Armature
Video Lessons: Videos are divided in to easy to digest & easy to reference segments
Difficulty Level: Intermediate / Advanced
Helpful Experience to Have: Basic 3D Needle Felting, Needle Felting with Armature

Explore with Irina as she demonstrates methods for making realistic skin, wrinkles, tusks, and tails! Discover the techniques secrets to success for needle felted animal anatomy in this step-by-step course! Detailed Supply List and Complete kit available for purchase after you enroll!

Skills you will Learn:

  • Discover Irina’s toolset for making ultra-realistic felted animals
  • Create an armature with lifelike anatomy and natural posture
  • Sculpt tusks from clay, and transitioning them seamlessly into the felted wool
  • Wrap the armature with core wool and build up the body
  • Add wrinkles and ridges to your elephant skin to show weight
  • Expertly detail the elephant’s head, ears, trunk, and feet
  • Gain insight to Irina’s artistic process with an exclusive interview and show-and-tell

Needle Felt African Elephant


Included in this course:

  • 24/7, 365 Instant access to the course streamed directly to your computer, tablet or phone
  • High quality video instruction divided into short, digestible lessons
  • Learn at your own pace and refer back to lessons at any time
  • Complete materials list with links to recommended supplies
  • Complete KIT Available after you enroll

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Meet the Instructor: Irina Hughes

I have always been in love with art from a young age. Whether it be sculpting with clay, or drawing or painting, I have always been finding new ways to create art. When I discovered the medium of felting and tried it for myself, I fell even more in love with art than ever before. I really feel as though I found myself in the medium, there is something completely different about felting; there is a persisting warmth in the wool.

Whenever I recreate an animal, I really strive to convey that they all still have the warmth of life in them. I don’t feel like felting is just sculpting with a needle and wool; in a way, I’m molding a living soul. Life is beautiful. I find my biggest inspiration for art in the natural world. Animals all have souls, thoughts, feelings, emotions. I try to create art not only to capture their external beauty, but the beauty within.

I have been felting since 2017, and will continue doing it for as long as possible. I have three beautiful daughters, and two adorable yorkies.