Sunrise / Sunset Landscape
– Wet Felting a Landscape with
Needle Felted and Stitched Elements –

with Anna Repke

About this Course

Skills Focus: Wet felting, Needle felting, Top stitching, Image transfer
Video Lessons: Videos are divided in to easy to digest & easy to reference segments
Difficulty Level: Intermediate / Advanced
Helpful Experience to Have: Wet felting, needle felting
Course Length: This course is equivalent to a 3-day in person workshop

Felt a stunning landscape picture with gorgeous water reflections in this fun and inspiring class!

Skills you will Learn:

  • Fiber selections for felting a picture using both wet and needle felting techniques
  • How to blend colors to create a vivid and lively landscape using your hands, hand carders and a drum carder
  • How to layout your fibers and build the picture from the background forward
  • How to create the illusion of the setting sun with colorful clouds
  • Exactly how to create the reflections of the land and sky in the water
  • How to wet felt your picture to prevent distortion
  • What your picture should look like after it is wet felted
  • How to add details with needle felting
  • How to add details with machine top stitching
  • How to create an amazing tree just like this one!

Sunset-Sunrise Felt Landscape Online Workshop


Included in this course:

  • 24/7, 365 Instant access to the course streamed directly to your computer, tablet or phone
  • High quality video instruction divided into short, digestible lessons
  • Learn at your own pace and refer back to lessons at any time
  • Complete materials list with links to recommended supplies
  • BONUS!
    Get Anna’s Color Blending Recipe for this landscape as a PDF Download!
  • BONUS!
    Make a flawless tree with this pattern and technique

Community Creations!

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  • Laura McNelly Landscape
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Meet the Instructor:

Anna Repke

Anna Repke

When I walk through the woods and see the light playing on the leaves and see how the greens have a zillion shades,  when that moss reflects all those colors with their little airy faces . . . my soul just sighs with the beauty,  it squeezes my heart and brings me to such a deep contentment and inner peace.  I am in wonder of creation’s beauty and it takes me away from the every day stress and norms.

  When people see my work for the first time . . they are in wonder of how it was put together,  the depth,  the colors, the tiny details ..  the reflection of creation’s  beauty.   They can touch it and FEEL the texture and then the picture is more than a flat surface.   I feel like I can bring some of that awe into their four walls, making it a place of inspiration and call it their home. 

Before  I  made  felted  pieces,  I  did  all  kinds  of  other  paintings,  such  as,  oil,  acrylic,  water  colors  and  anything  I  could  get  my  hands  on  in  order  to  release that inner drive to create!!

Then one day I just quit. It was too frustrating to paint and take care of 10 children, train dogs, and keep up the farm and house. (and later, I figured out the oil fumes were making me crazy)

Years later, I sold a trained Border Collie to a fiber artist, Gale, (to help with herding her sheep) who in turn, trained me to make a purse from wool. I wondered if I could add colored wool during the processes of making a purse in order to create a picture on it. I gave it a shot. It turned out so well, someone wanted to buy it.

I was hesitant to turn this into a business wondering if other people would be as interested, but the purses kept selling and I kept working at it!

Then one day someone said, “This is too pretty to use, I’m just going to hang it on my wall!”

DING, DING! The lights went off and that settled it for me! I set out to make most extraordinary, brilliant wall hangings, for the distinguished art collector.