Woodsy Vessel
– Creating a Beautifully Textured
3D Vessel from a Flat Resist –

with Dawn Edwards

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Woodsy Vessel


About this Course

Skills Focus: Wet Felting a 3D Vessel with inclusions and embellishments inspired by nature
Difficulty Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Helpful Experience to Have: Wet Felting over a Resist

Create a Beautifully Textured, Nature-Inspired 3D Vessel from a Flat Resist

Video Lessons: Videos are divided in to easy to digest & easy to reference segments that are available 24/7
Audio: Recorded in English
Closed Captions: English, Deutsch, Español, Español (México), Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Polski, Português, Português (Brasil), Pусский, اللغة العربية, हिन्दी, 中文, 日本, 한국인, বাংলা

Skills you will Learn:

  • Using a coarse fiber in wet felting
  • Wool layout techniques for success and strong vessels
  • Wet felting over a closed resist
  • Use prefelts to create fun baubles, spikes, ruffles, and more!
  • Create a variety of nature-inspired embellishments that complement your wool color palette
  • Learn methods for making felt inclusions that will “open up” to reveal textural elements in the vessel
  • Discover Dawn’s tips and tricks for using nature to guide her vessel creation
  • Develop your wet felting, rolling, and fulling skills
  • Shape a vessel into a desired shape
  • BONUS!
    * Multiple Resist Templates for vessels of different sizes!

Included in this course:

  • 24/7, 365 Instant access to the course streamed directly to your computer, tablet or phone
  • High quality video instruction divided into short, digestible lessons
  • Learn at your own pace and refer back to lessons at any time
  • Complete materials list with links to recommended supplies

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Meet the Instructor:

Dawn Edwards

Dawn Edwards is a felt artist and tutor based in Plainwell, Michigan USA. She sells her work under the label ‘Felt So Right’ and teaches extensively within the USA and internationally. Her felt art has appeared in numerous exhibitions, shows, magazines and books. Dawn also is the co-coordinator of the not-for-profit group, ‘Felt United’, which currently has over 7,000 members.

Dawn’s love of color, texture, and beauty in everyday life, have led to artistic expression through many creative endeavors including stained glass and pottery, and finally to a medium where she is able to incorporate many of those techniques into her felt-making. You may see some of the wonderful textural and sculptural images found in pottery, or the beautiful color ways noted in stained glass. Most recently, Dawn’s ‘Blue Coral’ felt hat was was chosen to appear in the 2019 ‘Felt Fiber Transformed’ issue of Fiber Art Now magazine.