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Membership & My Account

For your security, we do not store credit card information. You will enter a method of payment each time you enroll in a course.

Becoming a member of the FeltingTutorials.com online school is easy and free! No credit card is required to join.

Profile images on the site are supplied by gravatar.com or by uploading an image to the site.

To upload a profile image go to this page: https://feltingtutorials.com/my-account/ and click on the + sign on the profile image. Select a picture on your computer and upload it.

Gravatars (as they are called) are tied to email addresses. If you have a gravatar account, you can have multiple email addresses and multiple photos with them. We would love to see your smiling face in the Class Chat, so head on over there and make sure they have a cool pic of you associated with your email address 🙂 go to gravatar.com