How do I earn a Certificate of Completion?

Have you completed your class? That is awesome!! Certificates of Completion can be awarded when you have finished a class and “made the thing”.
Whereas a “badge” is a self “yay, I took in the material! :)”, a Certificate is a bonafide, verified achievement of completion.

To get a Certificate of Completion for a course, do the following:

1) Post a picture of your completed project in the Class Chat
*It does not have to be an exact replica of what the instructor made, but it does need to be a project made from this course instruction.
2) Use the Contact Us Form and select Certificate Request from the menu
3) In that message, confirm your full name, and confirm that you have posted a picture of your finished item in the class chat.

We will award your certificate within 3-5 days.
Certificates will appear on your dashboard and can be downloaded from there.

Certificates are FUN and may be useful for those seeking CE Credits. If you are a teacher and need an additional letter of verification for CE credits, please include any pertinent information in the form when you request your certificate so we can make sure you get the documents you need 🙂

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