Bassets in Motion
– Needle Felt a Realistic Basset Hound in a Dynamic Running Pose –

with Irina Hughes

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Getting Started: Info & Resources

Build the Basset Base

Build Up the Core Wool Basset Body

Needle Felt the Basset’s Running Feet

Polymer Clay Elements

Needle Felt the Basset Head Components

Head & Face Details

Skin Wrinkles

Basset Hound Coat Coloration

Finishing Touches

Wrapping Up

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Bassets in Motion


About this Course

Skills Focus: Realistic Needle Felting
Difficulty Level: Intermediate – Advanced
Helpful Experience to Have: Needle Felting over an Armature
Course Length: This course is equivalent to a 3-day in person workshop

Needle felt a realistic Basset Hound mid-stride in a running pose, complete with floppy skin an flowing ears trailing behind!

Video Lessons: Videos are divided in to easy to digest & easy to reference segments
Audio: Recorded in English

Skills you will Learn:

  • Build an armature that supports the scaled proportions of a Basset Hound needle felted sculpture
  • Reinforce the running pose with the help of the armature
  • Bulk up a core wool structure that supports realistic Basset Hound anatomy
  • Needle felt detailed toes, paws, and feet in different positions due to the dog’s stride
  • Sculpt the nose and nails from clay, and learn how to attach them seamlessly into the needle felted Basset
  • Build the structure of the dog’s head, muzzle, and jowls
  • Insert glass eyes and give your basset the classic bloodshot and wrinkle-covered eyes
  • Detail the wrinkles and color features of the Basset’s face, incorporating the eyes and nose seamlessly into the needle felted facial details
  • Learn how to create windswept Basset ears that appear still without using any hardeners
  • Add skin wrinkles to areas of the body that reflect the weight and motion of their adorable floppy skin while running
  • Apply a tri-colored coat to the basset hound, and add dappled spots in the coat color as well
  • Reinforce the running pose and needle felt the detail layer smooth
  • BONUS!
  • * Options for male or female basset anatomy

Included in this course

24/7, 365 Instant access to the course streamed directly to your computer, tablet or phone
High quality video instruction divided into short, digestible lessons
Learn at your own pace and refer back to lessons at any time
Complete materials list with links to recommended supplies

Meet the Instructor:

Irina Hughes

I have always been in love with art from a young age. Whether it be sculpting with clay, or drawing or painting, I have always been finding new ways to create art. When I discovered the medium of felting and tried it for myself, I fell even more in love with art than ever before. I really feel as though I found myself in the medium, there is something completely different about felting; there is a persisting warmth in the wool.

Whenever I recreate an animal, I really strive to convey that they all still have the warmth of life in them. I don’t feel like felting is just sculpting with a needle and wool; in a way, I’m molding a living soul. Life is beautiful. I find my biggest inspiration for art in the natural world. Animals all have souls, thoughts, feelings, emotions. I try to create art not only to capture their external beauty, but the beauty within.

I have been felting since 2017, and will continue doing it for as long as possible. I have three beautiful daughters, and two adorable yorkies.