Busy Christmas Elves
– Needle Felt Festive Elf Figurines! –

with Kimberly Czar

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Getting Started: Info & Resources

Prepare the Base and Make the Legs

Needle Felt the Hips and Torso

Make the Arms

Needle Felt the Neck and Sew the Vest

Needle Felt the Head and Face

Make the Hat and Attach the Head

Cookie Elf Props

Gift Elf Props

Bonus: Elf Variations

Wrapping Up

Instructor Interview

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Busy Christmas Elves


About this Course

Skills Focus: Needle Felting, Fine Crafting
Difficulty Level: Beginner / Intermediate
Helpful Experience to Have: Basic needle felting
Course Length: This course is equivalent to a 3-day in person workshop

Create two fabulous felt figurines that are displaying their festive props and adorable expressions!

Video Lessons: Videos are divided in to easy to digest & easy to reference segments that are available 24/7
Audio: Recorded in English
Closed Captions: English, Deutsch, Español, Español (México), Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Polski, Português, Português (Brasil), Magyar, Pусский, اللغة العربية, हिन्दी, 中文, 日本, 한국인, বাংলা

Skills you will Learn:

  • How to create beautiful heirloom figurines that can be passed down through generations!
  • How to use wool to make fine details to give the Busy Elves adorable faces and expressions
  • How to make simple and stunning festive clothing to fit the Busy Elves
  • How to finely detail the clothing, boots, and hat of the Busy Elf
  • How to make a stack of wrapped gifts for your Busy Elf to hold
  • How to shape and decorate a tiered tray of delicious cookies for your Busy Elf
  • Two ways to make hands – with wool or sculpting clay
  • Two styles of legs – firmly planted or lifted in the air
  • Two options for making the eyes – with wool or glass eyes
  • How to prepare a strong base for your felted figurine
  • How to firmly attach every element together so these busy Elves stand the test of time!
  • BONUS!
    * How to make a skirt for an elf!

Included in this course

  • 24/7, 365 Instant access to the course streamed directly to your computer, tablet or phone
  • High quality video instruction divided into short, digestible lessons
  • Learn at your own pace and refer back to lessons at any time
  • Complete materials list with links to recommended supplies
  • Downloadable patterns and supporting documents

BFF Creations!

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Meet the Instructor:

Kimberly Czar

Kimberly discovered her love for art as a child, and studied art throughout her education. Inspired by her art teachers, Harold Peterson and Patrick Eddington, Kimberly got involved in summer art workshops, and went on to study Graphic Design and Illustration at the University of Utah. While in college, Kimberly attended the Pratt Institute in Venice, Italy for a semester, where she studied art history, painting, illustration, print-making, and Venetian art techniques.

Kimberly began felting in 2011, and primarily needle felts 3D sculptures and figurines. She enjoys creating festive and holiday themed felt sculptures, incorporating a fun sense of humor into her unique figurines. Kimberly loves to include natural elements in her felt sculptures, and gives timeless expressions, details, and backstories to her creations.

Kimberly Czar lives in Amesbury, Massachusetts, where she makes felted creations as Czar Design. Follow her journey on Facebook at CzarFelts, or check out her Etsy shop CzarDesign.